An interview with Jen Poisson, Owner of Wetsi

Name, town you are from, occupation.

Jen Poisson, Wetsi, Laguna Hills CA, Owner

About your company and how it relates to SUP.

Wetsi designs and distributes technical activewear for the female boardsport enthusiast.  The company’s name is derived from several influences, women, water, environment, trust, sun and inspiration.  Inspired by SUP and Yoga our designs resemble activewear but are made from 1mm, 4way stretch neoprene allowing for freedom of movement, water and wind repellent factors with a fashion forward approach.

How do you use SUP? Training? Fun? Exercise?

All of the above.  I originally started to do SUP for exercise and just to get out on the water.  I started paddling the bays in Newport, as I became comfortable on the board I moved to the ocean.  Most recently I learned to Surf and this has been the best experience yet!

How was your first time paddle boarding?

A lot easier than it looked.  My personal trainer and I rented boards from Costa Azul in Laguna Beach.  Rod Green took us out.  I picked it up a lot faster than Joe (my trainer) did.  He was in and out of the water the hole time and couldn’t keep up.  I instantly took to the sport.

What made you want to return to the sport?

I’m working out on the beach a lot, mostly because I love the outdoors and the ocean just grounds me.  Paddling really puts your mind in tune with the air, water, and wind.  Similar to yoga, you feel relaxed and I get a high from it.

What makes your company stand out?

Wetsi products are unique in design and we truly care about the women’s physique.  We are also a USA brand, bringing fashion and function to the water.

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  1. Jason Poisson says:

    At an early age it was evident Jen was destined to make a name for herself. Her family back here in the midwest are proud of her beyond measure, and know without doubt there are more great things to come from her.

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