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SUP Fitness: Taking your workout to the water

Click to watch!Tower Paddle Boards SUP Fitness Video

Tower Paddle Boards SUP Fitness Video

SUP Fitness is amazing for the body and mind. Exercising on a stand up paddle board intensifies your work out and improves your balance. Thanks to SUP, it is now possible to perform pretty much any work out you did on your yoga mat, out in the middle of the water! It’s just you and the horizon. If you’re like me and get bored of the same old workouts in the same places – take your workout to the water with SUP Fitness!

The video above shows you just a snippet of what can be done on your board. And it is easier than you think! The Yoga Instructor from Namaste Pacific Yoga, Chris van der Merwe, did everything you see on the video and more, and that was his FIRST time on a board!

SUP Yoga is growing in popularity because of how well it resonates with the aura of yoga. The peaceful and serene atmosphere of being in the middle of the water, right on the horizon, is perfect for yoga enthusiasts. In addition, standing, moving around, and holding a pose on a paddle board increases balance and strength -two key components of yoga.

Aside from yoga, and as seen in the video clip, there are many other core body workouts that you can do on a board. Many of these exercises will be intensified on a board because of the extra strength and coordination that is required to balance on the board.

Hope you enjoyed the video! Please feel free to comment and share any fitness/yoga experiences that you have had on your SUP. We’d love to hear from you!

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