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Infinity Surfboards

Infinity Surfboards

Dana Point, CA

About your company and how it relates to SUP. 

We have been making Infinity Surfboards since 1970.  I started tandem surfing on 12’ tandem boards in 1961.  This gave us quite a head start in making and shaping SUP boards back in 2006.  For a while, we were the first and only SUP company listed in the Google search.  Now with our own surfboard factory, we are able to make the highest quality SUP boards here in America.

How do you use SUP?  Training?  Fun?  Exercise? 

Our whole family got into SUP surfing right away, but as racing has developed into its’ own sport, we have also really gotten into it.  David is a high ranking racer and often races on our 18’ tandem SUP or with another couple on our 4 man SUP.  Our hands on experience leads to a constant refinement in our race board designs.  They just keep getting faster.

How was your first time paddle boarding?

I don’t claim it, but I may be the first person to actually stand up on a surfboard.  Back in 1964, I lived for a short time in Virginia.  I would take my 12’ tandem board, an extended canoe paddle and SUP the lakes and rivers of Virginia including Bull Run and The Potomac.  Once I was attacked and chased by A.D.C. motor cycle gang, the Pegans.  I escaped by flipping over their two canoes as they tried to ram my board.  It turns out they couldn’t swim, so I got away.

What made you want to return to the sport?  

True, I didn’t do SUP from 1964 until 2006, but when we started again, I think it was just because it offered an alternative way to ride waves.

What makes your company stand out? 

Our R&D.  We ride, test and improve our boards constantly.  Since they are not molded, modifications can be made instantly. Having our own factory allows us to maintain top quality.

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An interview with Ed Philbrick, Founder of Soul SUP

Check out Soul SUP on the web:


Twitter:  @SoulSUP

Tell us about your company, Soul SUP.

We cover the Stand UP surfing vibe with news, videos and our photos for the SUPulation. We are also a source for SUP boards & accessories using the affiliate model

How do you use SUP?  Training?  Fun?  Exercise?

I grew up racing road bicycles at an elite level and quit racing when I was 25. I immersed myself in surfing and other sports. I started SUP about 2 years ago after I got tired of being hurt from triathlon training. I surf 2-3 times a week and train for a distance races including Battle of the Paddle and other local events. For more fun I share the sport with my wife and eight year old daughter.

How was your first time paddle boarding?

I did a lot of skateboarding, surfing, snowboard as a child growing up in Santa Barbara, so I thought this will be piece of cake. I barrowed a friends SUP board. The board did not have enough volume for me and I attempted to get it through the surf line on a bigger day. I made it to the outside paddling prone with the paddle stuffed under my chest. When I reached the outside I was not able to stand up, I was humbled. My defeat sparked my focus on mastering the sport. I purchased the correct board and the sports has changed my life!

What made you want to return to the sport?

The sport is so diverse, you can paddle from one surf spot to another. You can explore fresh and salt water and have such a great visual perspective. I’ve seen foxes, whales, rays  all without injury from overuse or gravity.

What makes your company stand out?

I started a bicycle shop in the late 80’s and I learned how hard retail can be. Recently I started a successful community web site for San Elijo I made sure I started the site with very little capital investment. My goal with Soul SUP is the same. Build slow and steady with minimal financial investment. I see SUP shops open and fail based on inventory costs & location rent and I think the affiliate model can help grow Soul SUP into a complete innovative company. We stand out because we are immersed in the soul of the sport in San Diego and Orange County.

Anything you would like to add…

We are all lucky to live in San Diego County a hot bed for SUP with easy access to San Onofre  and Dana Point all hot spots for the sport. Make sure you wave at all the SUPers on the water we are a small tribe and need to “talk story” and share the vibe.

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An interview with Jen Poisson, Owner of Wetsi

Name, town you are from, occupation.

Jen Poisson, Wetsi, Laguna Hills CA, Owner

About your company and how it relates to SUP.

Wetsi designs and distributes technical activewear for the female boardsport enthusiast.  The company’s name is derived from several influences, women, water, environment, trust, sun and inspiration.  Inspired by SUP and Yoga our designs resemble activewear but are made from 1mm, 4way stretch neoprene allowing for freedom of movement, water and wind repellent factors with a fashion forward approach.

How do you use SUP? Training? Fun? Exercise?

All of the above.  I originally started to do SUP for exercise and just to get out on the water.  I started paddling the bays in Newport, as I became comfortable on the board I moved to the ocean.  Most recently I learned to Surf and this has been the best experience yet!

How was your first time paddle boarding?

A lot easier than it looked.  My personal trainer and I rented boards from Costa Azul in Laguna Beach.  Rod Green took us out.  I picked it up a lot faster than Joe (my trainer) did.  He was in and out of the water the hole time and couldn’t keep up.  I instantly took to the sport.

What made you want to return to the sport?

I’m working out on the beach a lot, mostly because I love the outdoors and the ocean just grounds me.  Paddling really puts your mind in tune with the air, water, and wind.  Similar to yoga, you feel relaxed and I get a high from it.

What makes your company stand out?

Wetsi products are unique in design and we truly care about the women’s physique.  We are also a USA brand, bringing fashion and function to the water.

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Austin Wilfley – SUP Instructor

Austin Wilfley - SUP instructor

Austin Wilfley - SUP instructor

Profile: Austin Wilfley, SUP instructor in Dana Point

I’m Austin Wilfley from Dana Point, California. I’m a Paddle Surf instructor and Disney Lifeguard. I’ve been a SUP instructor for 3 years with my group called SUPer Dana. I’ve been surfing since I was 9 years old and once I stepped onto my first SUP I never used a kayak again. Standing on the water in the open ocean looking back at the world in total peace with the ocean moving and breathing beneath me was the most exhilarating feeling I ever had. I never looked at the ocean the same way again. It’s the most beautiful animal I’ve ever seen and even my wife will tell you I’m married to the ocean first. My favorite thing about the sport now is not the races and events but introducing people the sport and watching them grow in it,and  love it as I do. I think the most important aspect of a board for my newbies is stability and the ability to paddle atleast 3 to 4 times or more on one side so their focus is on having fun and a great workout comes with less effort. I designed the Aqualine and Delphinus SUPs in 2008 which you can see at,, and currently looking for a partner for my new patented paddle design for SUP safety and defense against predators like gators, sharks, ect.

You can follow me on twitter at @SUPerDanaSurf

Facebook- Austin Dante

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Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine

SUPSURFMAG.COMCheck them out on the web at:



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Welcome to the Tower San Diego SUP blog!

Our goal with this blog is to build a useful and entertaining resource for Tower customers, fans of the Tower brand, and local local San Diego stand up paddle board enthusiasts. Headquartered in Pacific Beach, San Diego, Tower is an emerging worldwide SUP brand with customers all over the globe. At the same time, a central focus of our local SUP shop is to support the growth and enjoyment of stand up paddle boarding in San Diego and up the coast. If you’re local to San Diego, you will find this blog to be a great local resource on stand up paddle boarding and enjoying all that San Diego has to offer. If you’re an SUP enthusiast in another part of the world, there will some great articles, photos, and videos for you as well.

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