Infinity Surfboards

Infinity Surfboards

Dana Point, CA

About your company and how it relates to SUP. 

We have been making Infinity Surfboards since 1970.  I started tandem surfing on 12’ tandem boards in 1961.  This gave us quite a head start in making and shaping SUP boards back in 2006.  For a while, we were the first and only SUP company listed in the Google search.  Now with our own surfboard factory, we are able to make the highest quality SUP boards here in America.

How do you use SUP?  Training?  Fun?  Exercise? 

Our whole family got into SUP surfing right away, but as racing has developed into its’ own sport, we have also really gotten into it.  David is a high ranking racer and often races on our 18’ tandem SUP or with another couple on our 4 man SUP.  Our hands on experience leads to a constant refinement in our race board designs.  They just keep getting faster.

How was your first time paddle boarding?

I don’t claim it, but I may be the first person to actually stand up on a surfboard.  Back in 1964, I lived for a short time in Virginia.  I would take my 12’ tandem board, an extended canoe paddle and SUP the lakes and rivers of Virginia including Bull Run and The Potomac.  Once I was attacked and chased by A.D.C. motor cycle gang, the Pegans.  I escaped by flipping over their two canoes as they tried to ram my board.  It turns out they couldn’t swim, so I got away.

What made you want to return to the sport?  

True, I didn’t do SUP from 1964 until 2006, but when we started again, I think it was just because it offered an alternative way to ride waves.

What makes your company stand out? 

Our R&D.  We ride, test and improve our boards constantly.  Since they are not molded, modifications can be made instantly. Having our own factory allows us to maintain top quality.

About Allison Dundovich

Allison Dundovich is the Director of Social Media and Events for Tower Paddle Boards.
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