Mudpuppy – SUP is in Toronto!

Where in the world is SUP?


SUP is in Toronto

on the web at:


What is your SUP company name? 

Mudpuppy Marine Services

Where are you located? 

10 Canvarco Rd in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

What are some highlights of your company and what it has to offer? 

We offer a full range of paddling products and services including Canoe, Kayak and SUP sales, repair services, paddling instruction\coaching and wildlife and history oriented paddling tours and adventures.

What are some highlights about the location? 

Our shop is located a stones-throw from the river and short drive from the harbour, so demoing boards and other equipment can be easily arranged!

Tell us what made you get into the sport of SUP?  

I had been a paddler all my life, and when my father returned from a holiday where he had tried SUP, he urged me to give it a shot and I fell in love with the sport.

What made you want to start or get involved with this company?  

To try and make a living doing what I love: helping people get on, and enjoy our beautiful lakes, rivers and lagoons in an environmentally-conscious manner.

What is your favorite thing about SUP? 

It’s hard to pick just one, but the sheer childish fun of just playing around on a board that separates SUP from other paddlesports is my favorite thing about the sport.

Anything else our readers should know about you, your company, or SUP? 

We are a family-operated company that strives to create a friendly, no-nonsense atmosphere to help people find the products and services to achieve their goals on and off the water.  We also have a strong environmental conservation ethic and do everything we can to help preserve our beautiful marine resources.

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Allison Dundovich is the Director of Social Media and Events for Tower Paddle Boards.
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