SUP Girlz – SUP is in Toronto, Ecuador, and Florida!

Where in the world is SUP?SUP Girlz

SUP is in  Toronto, Ecuador, and Florida!

on the web at:

Where are you located?

Toronto, Ecuador, Florida currently

What are some highlights of your company and what it has to offer?

SUP lessons, SUPYoga classes, & Surf/SUP/Yoga retreats for ladies

What are some highlights about the location?

Toronto- the beaches of the city. We are located close to downtown but can
still have you feel like your at the cottage
Ecuador- Canoa has a couple rivers we can excursion,  a long uncrowded
beach break to SUPsurf, and we can do paddle tours to the Canoa caves.
Ecuador is awesome!

Tell us what made you get into the sport of SUP?

Our first lessons had us hooked. Janna started the company after moving
back to Toronto after living on Maui and getting into SUP there.

What made you want to start or get involved with this company?

SUP is fun, a great workout, all people can give it a try, and it’s lots
of fun when there are no waves!

What is your favorite thing about SUP?

The diversity in your workout, beautiful locations, and it’s fun to do
with others.

Anything else our readers should know about you, your company, or SUP?

We do teach guys as well!

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Allison Dundovich is the Director of Social Media and Events for Tower Paddle Boards.
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