Tower Fit ranked #1 in top ten list of stand up paddle boards

Paddle surfboards come in all shapes and sizes, but finding the 10 best stand up paddle surfboards was quite a challenge. There are many brands to choose from and the pricing of the boards are quite diverse, so as a consumer you need to know what you are looking for in the board. Here is a list of the best standup paddle surfboards:

  1. Tower Fit SUP 9’10” is one of the best boards on the market offering a full body workout. This board is stable enough to hold a 250-pound person afloat without flipping over because of the weight. The Tower is easy to store and is twenty percent lighter than its competition. This board is priced just beneath $500 dollars, which is a great price range for anyone on a budget.
  2. The 9’6” Performer Corbean SUP (Pure Series) is a high performance surfboard that will bring enjoyment to anyone who enjoys the ocean. The board has carvings in it to prevent nose-diving and the thicker center of the board enables it to be more stable while afloat. The reinforced feature from its nose to the tail that this board offers makes the price of below $1,300 a great buy.
  3. Jimmy Styks 11’6” is made of the expanded polystyrene foam cores unlike the traditional stand up boards. This material allows this board to surf but it is best for the user looking for small waves or someone who just wants to paddle along in the ocean enjoying the scenery. This is a great board for a beginner surfer who will not pay more than $750  for this board.
  4. Xscape SUP 12’0” is great in both the oceans and lakes. This board is made of epoxy fiberglass, making it lighter so it is easier to carry and stay afloat. The Xscape will cost $1,500 in the store, but online it is just below $900.
  5. Surftech Laird 12’1” Soft Top is stable enough that it can be ridden on all bodies of water. This high performance board has a soft deck padding, making it easier for the rider to feel the traction and grip the board. This Laird is priced just below $1,600, but it is worth the price because it offers the same qualities as a hard body stand up paddle board.
  6. C4 Stand Up Paddle Board 12’1” Soft Top by Laird Hamilton is known for its durability and speed. For those who enjoy just paddling along the water, this is a great board to have because it works well in the ocean and on the lake.
  7. Starboard 12’6” SUP is the perfect universal board for anyone looking to hit the ocean waves or cruise on a lake. This is a cruiser board that is still fast when riding the waves. It also gives the rider a smooth glide across the water no matter what type of wind is blowing. This Starboard is just below $1,800, but you can get it for $1,500 when purchasing it online.
  8. Starboard Blend 11’2” is a traditional long board for surfing or gliding in any type of waters. This board is allows the rider to get a better grip when on the wave because of its flat surface. The Blend ranges in price anywhere from $1,800 to $1,300 depending on the coloring and design you are looking in a board.
  9. Starboard Drive 10’5” is a good board to ride on medium and small waves or on flat water. The Australian pine material used to make this board allows it to resist the impact of a wave, so the rider is not thrown off easily. This board is just under $1,300, which is a great price for the stability and confidence it will give you on the water.
  10. Isle Quad Stand Up Paddle Board performs the best when in the pocket because of its quad fin. Though this board is fantastic when it comes to shredding the surf it performs well on flat water, too. This board is under $900 and will have you riding the waves unlike any other board you have tried.

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