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Jenna - Tower Girl

Name: Jenna Catalona

Age: 25

City you live in: Denver, Colorado

Bio: I’m originally from Kent, Ohio, went to college there also. I graduated from Kent State with a degree in marketing and decided to move to Denver to start a career. I have moved around the US a lot, living in Cali for a little, Denver, finished school in Ohio, and then decided to come back to Denver. I absolutely love to travel, and spent the summer of 2010 in Paris studying French, eating lots of weird cheese, and drinking too much wine. I am currently single, and enjoying the freedom and discovering new places and meeting new people. I have two fantastically fluffy felines, and a little dog named Ruby. Animals, traveling, and French are three things I am most passionate about in my life. If I could find a job to include all three of those, I’d be the happiest girl in the world, but in the meantime I am looking to work for non-profit, ideally with an environmental and wildlife awareness focus. I am blessed, and lucky to have a beautiful family and the most wonderful group of friends. C’est la vie!

Interest in paddleboarding: I tried paddleboarding for the first time when I was visiting my friend Amy in San Diego. She took me out and I instantly got hooked! I had always wanted to try paddleboarding and was so excited when I got the opportunity. Next time I visit the coast, you’d better believe I’ll be out on a board!

Interest in the beach: There is something about walking up to the beach after you haven’t seen it for a year that almost brings tears to my eyes. Corny? I don’t even care! There is a peace, a serenity, and a calming effect that the ocean has on me, and it seems as though so many of my stresses are lifted. When I look out into the ocean, I feel humbled by how HUGE it is, and how small we all really are. Now besides all that DEEP stuff, I love the the smells (coconut oil, margaritas, and salt water), the sounds (all the seagulls and waves crashing) and the sun most of all. I come from an extremely cloudy part of the US, so the sun is like GOLD to me! I love everything about the beach. I could spend all day, every day on the beach. Not to mention, it’s a guaranteed good hair day, everyday.




About Allison Dundovich

Allison Dundovich is the Director of Social Media and Events for Tower Paddle Boards.
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